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Home Away From Home

Shoot, this whole photo a day thing seemed much more feasible yesterday coming off a five-day Thanskgiving weekend. I didn’t even think to pull my camera out until I left work at 5:00. This is how dark it is at … Continue reading

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Day One

The Plan: Wake up at 6:00 to feed Dylan. She doesn’t wake up this early on her own, but I need to feed her now if I am going to have time for two feedings before I leave for work. … Continue reading

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It’s amazing to me the lengths people will go to to preserve their image of an ideal Mormon life. When I first announced my pregnancy, people at church would say things like, “Maybe this year Robert’s business will really take … Continue reading

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Learning Curve

Yesterday, I wrote, My marriage is fine. Things are fine. When I say things are fine, I mean, my life is fine. My job is fine. I am fine. And that’s all true. Except for when they’re not. There was … Continue reading

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Do you listen to Josh Ritter? People sometimes ask me what kind of music I like, and I don’t know what to say. Country? Folk? Whatever the genre is, Josh Ritter is in it. Technically, he’s a singer-songwriter, but that … Continue reading

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This Is A Really Boring Post

I never know whether or not to acknowledge when I’ve been absent from blogging. On one hand, it irritates the heck out of me when people I like to read don’t post regularly. I don’t mean this critically. If I’m … Continue reading

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The Villain

I started this blog during a several month hiatus between finishing law school and starting work, with no thought that I would end up writing so much about my job. My job is not that interesting. I mean, it keeps me … Continue reading

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How To Stop Big Law From Ruining Your Life

On January 23rd I wrote a post called “How To Stop Big Law From Ruining Your Life.”  I wrote it in long-hand on a legal pad in a cab on the way home from work and never posted it on … Continue reading

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The Day I Learned The Truth About Law Firms

For the last year, I worked on one single aspect of a single case. As young associates strive to do, I became the master of the facts pertaining to that aspect of the case. I’d read all the documents many … Continue reading

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Veggie On Whole Wheat

I started working within a week of my 16th birthday. I hit the strip mall closest to my house on my birthday, or maybe a few days before, and filled out applications in the car. My mom drove me in … Continue reading

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