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She Doesn’t Need A Man

Watch this precocious five-year-old speak her mind about not getting married until she has a job. [Hat tip: Sandy B.] I don’t mean to offend women who got married while they were still in school or chose to taken on … Continue reading

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Why I Hated Law School

Can we talk about this article for a minute? At first I was interested to learn that studies show women in law school are less likely to speak up in class or to form relationships with faculty because that was … Continue reading

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Stay At Home Partner

Before I started work, I was a little stressed out about the fact that Husband didn’t have a job yet. Not because we needed another income, but because it didn’t seem fair that I was the one who’d have to … Continue reading

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Sorry About That

Just a quick thought here. During work orientation, a couple of senior associates and partners gave a presentation about the mistakes new associates make at work. After discussing a pretty big one (associate dumps an unfinished brief and a big … Continue reading

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In Which I Repeatedly and Embarrassedly Use The Word “Daddy”

Last night Husband and I ate dinner with another couple and the talk turned to Husband’s job hunt. His hypothetical job hunt, actually, but that’ll be another post another day. So we’re talking about Husband’s plans and our friend says … Continue reading

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Women and Work – Part II

I talk a big talk about being a career woman and the under-appreciation of working moms and the injustice done to all when we glorify stay at home moms, but in truth I am exceedingly, painfully envious of women who … Continue reading

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Women and Work – Part I

Today at church we had a lesson on simplifying our lives. I really liked the message: in my search for happiness, I tend to take on way more than is necessary. I’m not trying to give myself a backhanded compliment … Continue reading

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