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On Food And Not Eating It

This is the post where I talk about body image. This is the post I very nearly deleted after typing most of it up months ago because I think it is (1) way too personal and (2) kind of irrelevant. By … Continue reading

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The Wedding Song

Robert and I got married in 2010. Although I’d noticed over the years that Robert liked to cook a lot, and that he was a lot cleaner than I was, I didn’t realize the extent to which he differed from … Continue reading

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The Wedding Suit

One of the partners I work for is getting married in a few months. He is subtly subverting the wedding paradigm by having a groomslady (also a partner I work for). She has her groomslady dress, but he doesn’t know … Continue reading

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Planning A Life

Everybody complains about how hard it is to plan a wedding. I know I did. You know what’s harder? Planning a life. Right now Husband and I are tentatively testing the apartment rental waters. And we’re running into the same … Continue reading

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“I’d Like To Die With My Boots On”

Internet, meet my cowboy boots. I bought them a few weeks before I bid Arizona farewell for good, because I had to bring a bit of the West with me in my new life. I’ve traveled by bus, boat, plane, … Continue reading

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While I’m Away

Work’s picked up a bit. I work ten-hour days instead of eight-hour days. And this weekend was busy with a friend from college in town and a trip to the vet. And yesterday we celebrated pi day homemade chicken pot … Continue reading

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Wedding Planning Will Make You Crazy

Blogging when you have a job is hard. Or, it is when you can’t blog at work. In the last month or so I’ve started blogging on the bus. I type away on the little keyboard on my smartphone [work … Continue reading

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The Honeymoon Basket

My baby sister got married last week! It was lovely! The event was radically different from mine and Husband’s party. First, their ceremony was in an LDS temple. Second, their invited 200-300 people to their reception. Third, well, they just … Continue reading

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In Defense of the Unpretty

There’s one word that’s thrown around quite a bit in blogland that always invokes a bizarre reaction in me. When I see the word inspiration in a post title or somewhere in the first sentence, I instantly tune out. You … Continue reading

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Collateral Consequences

As a wanna-be public defender and proponent of reforming the criminal justice system, I often think about collateral consequences. Collateral consequences are the often overlooked effects of criminal conviction. They are, basically, everything that flows from a conviction other than … Continue reading

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