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Out Of Place

The Paul Bunyan I know lives on the corner of Glenn and Stone in Tucson, Arizona, just a few miles north of campus. He was only short walk from my third home in Tucson, a small square house on Blacklidge … Continue reading

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Two Days In Arbor Town

  I spent the last two days here, collecting stories I can’t tell. Mostly because they’re recruiting stories that would blow up the internet when the first eager young law student to stumble upon my blog submitted the absurdity that … Continue reading


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This City Is Exhausting

That’s it, dudes. That’s all I’ve got in me. Happy Photo Friday.        

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Flying Solo — Part II

Earlier this week I wrote about the thing that most scared me about marriage. Today I want to write about one of the things I most looked forward to: no more solo plane rides. We did holidays together when we … Continue reading

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Resisting The Urge To Use Phantom Planet Lyrics As The Title Of This Blog

I spent the last few weeks working in planes and airports, balancing my laptop precariously on the tray hanging from the back of the seat, poised to throw my body on top of it like an overprotective mother when the … Continue reading

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I noticed that there’s been a flurry of seasonal blogging this week. It seems like lots of places around the country are starting to feel like spring, and from what I hear, temperatures in Arizona hit 100 degrees, which sounds … Continue reading

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Keeping Secrets

I told Husband about my secret blog a week and a half ago and he hasn’t even asked for the url yet. What’s with that? By the way, if you’re going to keep a blog you update almost every day … Continue reading

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I’ve been a little wordy this week, so I’ll leave you today with a few photos. Most of the photos I’ve posted on this blog so far were taken with my holga or my diana cameras. That’s why they look … Continue reading

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