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The First Year Myth

Confession: Our first year of marriage has been hard. Confession the second: So was our first year of dating. I take comfort in this. It helps me realize that we’re people who need to settle into things. To clarify, it’s not … Continue reading

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What’s Best For My Family

This is the post I meant to write when I wrote about animal people. This post is about people who say “I have to do what’s best for my family.” And how I think they’re selfish. Here’s what I don’t like … Continue reading

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How To Talk To A Mormon In A Bar

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m a Mormon. People have varying levels of knowledge about Mormons, so when I reference my religion, I like to start with the basics. Maybe you know this and maybe you don’t, … Continue reading

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“Mostly The Women Are Very Warm”

Confession: I am totally intimidated by blunt women and women who speak their minds automatically, to people they don’t know well. This is something I learned about myself when I mentioned how intimidated I was by a girl in law … Continue reading

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In Which I Confess To Wearing Teal Eyeliner

The other day I mentioned that I rarely do my hair or makeup before work. These things always go back to our parents, right? My mom never wore a lot of makeup. She did use skin products, and she bought … Continue reading

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How Often Do You Think About Food?

I don’t have a ton to say today except that I read two great blog posts about food and the ways in which it impacts our lives. They are very different, but I recommend both of them. I thought twice … Continue reading

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This is another post about getting engaged. I guess I’ve got it on the brain? No, the real problem is that I didn’t have anybody to talk to when I was engaged myself so I just went silently crazy as … Continue reading

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Jewelry For Men

This post is inspired by this conversation, which recently took place over at A Practical Wedding. Husband gave me a non-traditional engagement ring: my birthstone (not a diamond) set in an unadorned platinum band. I think it’s just great. I was … Continue reading

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Strawberry Shortcake

Husband and I were engaged for one year and one month. This is a really freaking long time in Mormon-land, where the engagement period commonly lasts anywhere from two to six months. It gave us plenty of time to contemplate … Continue reading

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Awkwardly Engaged

I recently saw a friend for the first time since the wedding and she asked me how it is, being married. That is a hard question to answer, or a hard question to answer in an interesting way, because nobody … Continue reading

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