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The Hardest Thing About Being A Lawyer

A few of our more soul-less neighbors have started giving Husband and a hard time about letting our dog walk in the grassy area between the sidewalk and the street. Having been to law school, I know that this is … Continue reading

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She Doesn’t Need A Man

Watch this precocious five-year-old speak her mind about not getting married until she has a job. [Hat tip: Sandy B.] I don’t mean to offend women who got married while they were still in school or chose to taken on … Continue reading

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Collateral Consequences

As a wanna-be public defender and proponent of reforming the criminal justice system, I often think about collateral consequences. Collateral consequences are the often overlooked effects of criminal conviction. They are, basically, everything that flows from a conviction other than … Continue reading

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Suddenly Everyone’s Going to Law School

Most of my friends aren’t members of the LDS church, but, due to the social nature of our church, I do interact with other LDS people quite a bit. Way back when I was applying to law schools I found … Continue reading

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