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On Food And Not Eating It

This is the post where I talk about body image. This is the post I very nearly deleted after typing most of it up months ago because I think it is (1) way too personal and (2) kind of irrelevant. By … Continue reading

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I’ve talked about being intimidated by other women before.  It’s a feeling that I keep tabs on, because I think it reveals insecurities that I need to work on.  Lately, I’ve noticed that women that intimidate me tend to have … Continue reading

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“Mostly The Women Are Very Warm”

Confession: I am totally intimidated by blunt women and women who speak their minds automatically, to people they don’t know well. This is something I learned about myself when I mentioned how intimidated I was by a girl in law … Continue reading

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Measuring Up

I said I was going to post about My So-Called Life, so here it is. I didn’t really watch the show when it first aired on MTV. This is either due to the fact that my family is consistently behind … Continue reading

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In Which I Confess To Wearing Teal Eyeliner

The other day I mentioned that I rarely do my hair or makeup before work. These things always go back to our parents, right? My mom never wore a lot of makeup. She did use skin products, and she bought … Continue reading

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Why I Hated Law School

Can we talk about this article for a minute? At first I was interested to learn that studies show women in law school are less likely to speak up in class or to form relationships with faculty because that was … Continue reading

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There was a period of time when the holidays would roll around and notion of making New Year’s Resolutions would not even cross my mind. My vices and flaws weren’t so much problems I needed to fix as quirks that … Continue reading

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