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Some Relevant Background

Today I posted a comment on a blog post about Mormon Feminism sincerely asking other Mormon women what they believe are the innate differences between men and women that warrant our different spiritual and ecclesiastical roles. One person responded, “Well … Continue reading


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I think I used up all my words. Not last month, but sometime earlier. Sometime last year. Last month I tried to bring them back, but it didn’t work. So this month, it’ll be pictures. And a few words, maybe. … Continue reading

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Why Bother

I grew up mostly outside of the Mormon bubble, in Phoenix’s West Valley and then in Columbus. Because of this, I had more friends who weren’t Mormon than who were. In middle school, I ate lunch with a Catholic, a … Continue reading

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Why I Write About Mormonism

I want to clear something up. You’ve probably noticed I write about my religion a lot. If you’re Mormon, you probably get why I do this. But if you’re not Mormon, well, I don’t know what you think. But I … Continue reading

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On Waiting

When I started my job there were six Mormons at the firm. Well, five Mormons and one¬†Southern Baptist who really likes us for some reason. [I’m not counting the crotchety partner who only fraternizes¬†with us lowly associates on occasions of … Continue reading

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Mormons and the Law

There are a bunch of lawyers and law students in my ward in Chicago. Most of them are young married men. Several of us teach Sunday School and other classes. I don’t know if other people find us irritating in … Continue reading

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Words To Keep In Mind When Writing About Love

“We live in a world of symbols. We know nothing, except by symbols. We make a few marks on a sheet of paper, and we say that they form a word, which stands for love, or hate, or charity, or … Continue reading

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In Which I Rant About Politics And Link To A Bunch Of Religious Sites. Sorry.

When I started this blog, I fully intended to spend time ranting about, exploring, and explaining what it’s like to be a liberal mormon. It’s one of those essential parts of who I am that leads to uncomfortable and/or infuriating … Continue reading

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Impossibly Hard

It can be impossibly hard not to judge somebody for making a choice you never would. Or, maybe withholding judgment isn’t that hard, but refraining from projecting your feelings about the choice onto them is. I recently found out that … Continue reading

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A Day Late, A Dollar Short

I meant to post this yesterday, not because it’s about taxes, but because it sprung from a conversation I had with an unconventionally diverse group I suddenly find myself breaking bread with every month, and that conversation started with a … Continue reading

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