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[This is the most recent in an ongoing series about my love/hate relationship with public transportation in Chicago.] Public Service Announcement: It is not illegal to take photos in public areas of CTA stations. Last night two CTA security guards … Continue reading

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Why I Should Hate The Bus – Part II

In addition to these things, I have actually experienced all of the following on the bus: Sitting for twenty minutes right next to a girl with whom I (a) went to law school for three years, (b) shared two classes and many … Continue reading

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Why I Should Hate The Bus

So here’s the thing about the bus. I defend it against all the naysayers. I defend it against the drivers and the walkers and the folks who are lucky enough to live next to a train line. I defend it, … Continue reading

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Why I Won’t Be Going Home

As the only member of my family not living in the suburban town near Phoenix where my parents bought a house ten years ago, I often find myself defending city living. Sometimes I’m just trying to convince somebody to move … Continue reading

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