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Losing My Faith (Government Edition)

The other day Robert walked into the bathroom while I was getting ready for work. Hey. I want you to come watch this Daily Show clip before you leave. I hesitated, wary. Will it make me angry?  Robert answered right away. It’s … Continue reading

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On Waiting

When I started my job there were six Mormons at the firm. Well, five Mormons and one Southern Baptist who really likes us for some reason. [I’m not counting the crotchety partner who only fraternizes with us lowly associates on occasions of … Continue reading


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My Mormon Reeducation/A Third Way

In the past year, I’ve used this blog as a place to express my frustration with my religion, to criticize other members for behaving badly, and, more or less, to jump around and yell, “Hey! I’m different!” I’ve been quiet … Continue reading

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In Which I Rant About Politics And Link To A Bunch Of Religious Sites. Sorry.

When I started this blog, I fully intended to spend time ranting about, exploring, and explaining what it’s like to be a liberal mormon. It’s one of those essential parts of who I am that leads to uncomfortable and/or infuriating … Continue reading

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A Day Late, A Dollar Short

I meant to post this yesterday, not because it’s about taxes, but because it sprung from a conversation I had with an unconventionally diverse group I suddenly find myself breaking bread with every month, and that conversation started with a … Continue reading

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In Which I Promise To Get Personal And Then Don’t

It’s time to talk about Planned Parenthood. The other day, the House of Representatives voted to block Planned Parenthood from receiving any federal money. It’s a mind-boggling political move because current law already prevents Planned Parenthood from using any federal … Continue reading

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Living On The Edge

Did you know that a new puppy can only hold it for three hours tops? And that’s when he’s sleeping. When he’s awake, he has to go outside every 45 minutes or so. I’m not here to argue that puppies … Continue reading

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An Effort To Put Into Words How I Feel About What Happened In Tucson

I’m sure you heard. Representative Gabrielle Giffords was shot at a campaign meet-and-greet for her constituents in Tucson, Arizona on Saturday morning. Husband and I were driving through rural Indiana, so I didn’t see the news until I used my … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! I’m enormously grateful today, but I’m only going to dwell on a few specific things here. 1) I’m grateful for the freedoms we have in this country. I hate that line I just used has been devalued … Continue reading

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Taglines and Why I Don’t Write About Politics

Do you see the little blurb above my header? It says Notes on marriage, religion, and identity. But maybe not as heavy as all that sounds? It’s nothing fancy or eloquent, but that little blurb is what stopped me from … Continue reading

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