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People As Places As People: St. Loius

Friends have told me that Robert and I are “bad at vacation.” I think that we’re just misunderstood. We don’t do cruises, or resorts, or tropical. We do long drives and small towns and rust belt cities. We pass the … Continue reading

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The best thing about living in Chicago is when people come to visit. They always ask how we like living in the city and it’s always somewhat embarrassing to answer truthfully that, except for work, we rarely go downtown. In … Continue reading

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Out Of Place

The Paul Bunyan I know lives on the corner of Glenn and Stone in Tucson, Arizona, just a few miles north of campus. He was only short walk from my third home in Tucson, a small square house on Blacklidge … Continue reading

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I Am Drugs

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Art By Folks

I don’t know what this photo means. I don’t even know what this photo is. That’s not true. It’s a grate or vent, large, about hip height on a brick apartment building in my neighborhood, and it’s covered with small … Continue reading

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People As Places As People: Nashville

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I think I used up all my words. Not last month, but sometime earlier. Sometime last year. Last month I tried to bring them back, but it didn’t work. So this month, it’ll be pictures. And a few words, maybe. … Continue reading

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Things Happy Couples Do: Drive To Small Towns

I only took a week off between quitting my old job and starting my new one. I wish I’d been able to take more time. In the legal profession, vacation time  is tough, even if your employer technically gives you … Continue reading

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Weeks into our relationship, Robert and I found ourselves in New Orleans for a week in the middle of my two-month internship at Tulane. When he left, I had three weeks left in the program. We’ve bid farewell so many … Continue reading

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Two Views

My old office had floor to ceiling windows on one side of the room. Actually, it was less of a room, and more of a box with modern furniture, but the windows, and the fact that it was on the 39th floor … Continue reading

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