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Things That I’m Not Proud Of*

Since becoming a pet owner, I have succumbed to several absurd and disgusting habits, including: Letting my dog lick my face when I let him out of his crate in the morning or when I get home from work; Kissing … Continue reading

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Animal People

I used to be really anti-animals. Or rather, I used to be really anti-people, but only pro-animal people. Does that make sense?¬†Grammatically, I mean, not logically. ¬†As with all irrational prejudice, it was because I did not understand them. At … Continue reading

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I’ve been a little wordy this week, so I’ll leave you today with a few photos. Most of the photos I’ve posted on this blog so far were taken with my holga or my diana cameras. That’s why they look … Continue reading

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