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Why I Blog For Women — Part I

[This is Part I of my response to the article “Why Blogs for Women are Bad for Women.”] Did any of you bloggers out there read this piece on Forbes.com?  It’s called “Why Blogs for Women are Bad for Women,” … Continue reading

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Introductions ad infinitum

Last night I picked up a friend before our Super Bowl shindig. In the car, he told me about a conversation he’d just had with his brother: Brother: What are your plans for the Super Bowl? Friend: I’m going over … Continue reading

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Second Chances

I signed up for a twitter account this weekend. Rather, I re-signed up for a twitter account. I’ve signed up and then deactivated at least twice before. I think the problem was that I didn’t know how to use it. … Continue reading

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Introductions Part II

I was really stressed out about starting work last week and not for the reasons you think. After the honeymoon, I pretty quickly (if not altogether easily and happily) changed my name with the DMV and Social Security Office. Over … Continue reading

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I mentioned in my last post that I always had a really strong sense of self that unexpectedly shifted when I got married. What I meant by this is basically that I knew and (most of the time) really liked … Continue reading

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