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When I was in sixth grade, my social studies teacher told our class that Mormon men could have more than one wife. I was twelve years old and the only Mormon in my class, in my whole grade even, and … Continue reading

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Why I Write About Mormonism

I want to clear something up. You’ve probably noticed I write about my religion a lot. If you’re Mormon, you probably get why I do this. But if you’re not Mormon, well, I don’t know what you think. But I … Continue reading

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The Wedding Song

Robert and I got married in 2010. Although I’d noticed over the years that Robert liked to cook a lot, and that he was a lot cleaner than I was, I didn’t realize the extent to which he differed from … Continue reading

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Everything You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask

I don’t have a FAQ section on my blog, because people don’t really ask me a lot of questions. I know that people come here with questions, though. I know this because WordPress tracks the search terms that lead people … Continue reading

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