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R: I thought you were going to take a nap. S: I couldn’t sleep. My thoughts are whirring. R: Worrying? S: Whirring. Spinning around. R: What is your brain whirring about? S: Not worrying. Just busy. R: I know. What’s … Continue reading

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When I was in sixth grade, my social studies teacher told our class that Mormon men could have more than one wife. I was twelve years old and the only Mormon in my class, in my whole grade even, and … Continue reading

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How To Have An Interfaith Mormon Feminist Marriage

I started writing here ostensibly to talk about marriage, and how it works as a Mormon and a feminist. I didn’t know any other Mormons in interfaith relationships and for years I couldn’t even find any on the Internet. After … Continue reading

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Why Bother

I grew up mostly outside of the Mormon bubble, in Phoenix’s West Valley and then in Columbus. Because of this, I had more friends who weren’t Mormon than who were. In middle school, I ate lunch with a Catholic, a … Continue reading

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Why I Write About Mormonism

I want to clear something up. You’ve probably noticed I write about my religion a lot. If you’re Mormon, you probably get why I do this. But if you’re not Mormon, well, I don’t know what you think. But I … Continue reading

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Losing My Faith (Government Edition)

The other day Robert walked into the bathroom while I was getting ready for work. Hey. I want you to come watch this Daily Show clip before you leave. I hesitated, wary. Will it make me angry?  Robert answered right away. It’s … Continue reading

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This Is A Post For The New Year

What do you do when you run out of things to say? You work. You read. You take in other people’s stories. You put pen to paper in a journal no one else will ever read. You wonder if you’ll … Continue reading

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On Waiting

When I started my job there were six Mormons at the firm. Well, five Mormons and one Southern Baptist who really likes us for some reason. [I’m not counting the crotchety partner who only fraternizes with us lowly associates on occasions of … Continue reading

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Things I’ve Heard

Things I’ve heard about marriage from well-meaning, but dead-wrong members of the LDS faith*: People who don’t get married in an LDS temple don’t look happy after the ceremony; LGBTQ people just want to get married for the legal benefits; … Continue reading

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Impossibly Hard

It can be impossibly hard not to judge somebody for making a choice you never would. Or, maybe withholding judgment isn’t that hard, but refraining from projecting your feelings about the choice onto them is. I recently found out that … Continue reading

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