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How To Make A Joke About Mormons

I accidentally buzzed a pair of shifty solicitors for a nonreputable energy company into my building this weekend. Dylan was wailing in my arms while I rocked her back and forth back and forth willing her to nap, Arty worked … Continue reading

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Some Relevant Background

Today I posted a comment on a blog post about Mormon Feminism sincerely asking other Mormon women what they believe are the innate differences between men and women that warrant our different spiritual and ecclesiastical roles. One person responded, “Well … Continue reading

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How To Have An Interfaith Mormon Feminist Marriage

I started writing here ostensibly to talk about marriage, and how it works as a Mormon and a feminist. I didn’t know any other Mormons in interfaith relationships and for years I couldn’t even find any on the Internet. After … Continue reading

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The Right Side Of History

Yesterday, the people of North Carolina approved an amendment to the constitution that would further strip civil rights from their fellow citizens in a state where marriage between two men and two women is already illegal. I am a straight … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning

Sunday morning peace didn’t come easy to me and Robert. In Robert’s perfect world, Sunday is a day for going out for a nice breakfast, with hot coffee to prepare for a long day of running errands doing the chores … Continue reading

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Mormons and the Law

There are a bunch of lawyers and law students in my ward in Chicago. Most of them are young married men. Several of us teach Sunday School and other classes. I don’t know if other people find us irritating in … Continue reading

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My Mormon Reeducation/A Third Way

In the past year, I’ve used this blog as a place to express my frustration with my religion, to criticize other members for behaving badly, and, more or less, to jump around and yell, “Hey! I’m different!” I’ve been quiet … Continue reading

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I Swear I Don’t Stay Here Because I’m Mormon

Whenever I see a picture of J. Willard Marriott and his sonĀ in a Marriott or a Marriott-affilliate, I feel like my worlds are colliding. Are they Mormons? Are they businessmen? Are they BOTH? All I know is those suits are … Continue reading

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Mormon Parties And My Maternal Instinct

On Monday, I like to hang around my Google Reader pane, the online version of the water cooler, and listen to people’s stories about what happened over the weekend. Just like at the real water cooler, I laugh at the … Continue reading

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The Fatigues

You already know that I like to blog about work and also about religion. Well, today I’m going to do something a little bit dangerous and compare my church to the law firm I work for.* So, LDS women participate … Continue reading

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