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In Which I Rant About Politics And Link To A Bunch Of Religious Sites. Sorry.

When I started this blog, I fully intended to spend time ranting about, exploring, and explaining what it’s like to be a liberal mormon. It’s one of those essential parts of who I am that leads to uncomfortable and/or infuriating … Continue reading

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How To Talk To A Mormon In A Bar

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m a Mormon. People have varying levels of knowledge about Mormons, so when I reference my religion, I like to start with the basics. Maybe you know this and maybe you don’t, … Continue reading

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Here To Stay

Generally I really love Chicago, but sometimes I think I want to leave. Go back west, to some small town, and lead a smaller? simpler? well, a different life, anyway. Or maybe head south, where the pace of things is … Continue reading

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Perpetuating the Stereotype

So a friend and I were on the much-hated topic of networking the other day, and he said something about trying to network with the gay partners at our firm, but failing because a lot of them are jerks (please … Continue reading

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Media Darlings

Have you noticed the proliferation of gorgeous ladies writing gorgeous design and lifestyle blogs these days? Yes? Have you noticed bloggers left and right getting pregnant and the sudden corresponding escalation of baby toys, baby clothes, and baby tips taking … Continue reading

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Women and Work – Part I

Today at church we had a lesson on simplifying our lives. I really liked the message: in my search for happiness, I tend to take on way more than is necessary. I’m not trying to give myself a backhanded compliment … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! I’m enormously grateful today, but I’m only going to dwell on a few specific things here. 1) I’m grateful for the freedoms we have in this country. I hate that line I just used has been devalued … Continue reading

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This is another post about getting engaged. I guess I’ve got it on the brain? No, the real problem is that I didn’t have anybody to talk to when I was engaged myself so I just went silently crazy as … Continue reading

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Suddenly Everyone’s Going to Law School

Most of my friends aren’t members of the LDS church, but, due to the social nature of our church, I do interact with other LDS people quite a bit. Way back when I was applying to law schools I found … Continue reading

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Mormon Culture and Mormon Doctrine Distinguished

For members and non-members of the LDS church alike, it’s easy to confuse Mormon doctrine with Mormon culture. Mormon doctrine consists of the principles and policies taught by the church. It is the teachings of our prophets, whether it is … Continue reading

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