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Things Happy Couples Do: Superbowl Edition

Watch football, even though football is my least favorite sport, and I don’t even like my favorite sport that much. Football is Robert’s favorite sport, and he’s a guy who will watch the championship of just about anything (golf, tennis, … Continue reading

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Learning Curve

Yesterday, I wrote, My marriage is fine. Things are fine. When I say things are fine, I mean, my life is fine. My job is fine. I am fine. And that’s all true. Except for when they’re not. There was … Continue reading

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How To Have An Interfaith Mormon Feminist Marriage

I started writing here ostensibly to talk about marriage, and how it works as a Mormon and a feminist. I didn’t know any other Mormons in interfaith relationships and for years I couldn’t even find any on the Internet. After … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning

Sunday morning peace didn’t come easy to me and Robert. In Robert’s perfect world, Sunday is a day for going out for a nice breakfast, with hot coffee to prepare for a long day of running errands doing the chores … Continue reading

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This Is A Post For The New Year

What do you do when you run out of things to say? You work. You read. You take in other people’s stories. You put pen to paper in a journal no one else will ever read. You wonder if you’ll … Continue reading

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This Post Is About Christmas

Last year I was a bit manic about Christmas. Robert and I were unemployed in the most fortunate of ways for four months at the end of last year. All this free time combined with the weird unnamed but still … Continue reading

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Scenes From My Interfaith Marriage

Something that I think people wonder about but never ask about is what an interfaith marriage looks like on the ground.  I think it’s something people wonder about because it’s something I wondered about, before I had one.  So I … Continue reading

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Mormons at Work

What do you do when you run out of things to say?  Tell stories. Your own. Other people’s. Past and present. What do you do when you forget how to tell a story people want to hear?  Write badly, often … Continue reading

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Black And White

Happy Anniversary, Darling. Photo Credit: The lovely and talented Jenn Ireland.  

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Love Letter To Tucson

One year ago today, I woke up early and tore down the I-10 from Phoenix to Tucson with my parents and siblings in tow. One year ago today, my mom and sister dropped me off on the corner of 4th … Continue reading

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