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Mormons and the Law

There are a bunch of lawyers and law students in my ward in Chicago. Most of them are young married men. Several of us teach Sunday School and other classes. I don’t know if other people find us irritating in … Continue reading

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You Go To Law School

You don’t go to law school to learn the law. You go to law school to learn that the law makes no sense, or that the law leaves lots of room for argument and subjectivity, or that you can’t count … Continue reading

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Mormons at Work

What do you do when you run out of things to say?  Tell stories. Your own. Other people’s. Past and present. What do you do when you forget how to tell a story people want to hear?  Write badly, often … Continue reading

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Two Days In Arbor Town

  I spent the last two days here, collecting stories I can’t tell. Mostly because they’re recruiting stories that would blow up the internet when the first eager young law student to stumble upon my blog submitted the absurdity that … Continue reading

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Interviewee Turned Recruiter

It’s interviewing season, if you’re in your third year of law school and want to work in Big Law. If you already work in Big Law, then it’s recruiting season. Things I’ve learned now that I’m on the other side … Continue reading

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In Which I Am A Hypocrite

I’ve repeated some version of what I’m about to say on here before. I don’t like it when women justify their choices as they make them. I think we do it because we’re insecure. I know we do it because … Continue reading

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What I’m Doing To Survive My Law Firm Job

This is a things I’m doing post, not an advice post. I can’t give advice on succeeding or surviving in Biglaw because, frankly, I haven’t done either yet. Six months in, I can say positively that I hate my job … Continue reading

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Resisting The Urge To Use Phantom Planet Lyrics As The Title Of This Blog

I spent the last few weeks working in planes and airports, balancing my laptop precariously on the tray hanging from the back of the seat, poised to throw my body on top of it like an overprotective mother when the … Continue reading

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My Not-So Secret

Last week I met a friend/mentor before work. Actually, she’s somebody I used to work and run with and I haven’t seen her in two years, but I want to make her my friend/mentor. Mostly because she used to work … Continue reading

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In Which I Get Defensive

I’ve found myself in the uncomfortable position of defending my employer a lot lately. Not because there’s anything wrong with my employer. There’s not. My job is not perfect, but it’s pretty great. I’m just starting to rub up against … Continue reading

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