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Six Things

I want to do a Photo of the Day thing here for awhile. I can’t write to save my life, but I do take a lot of pictures, and not just of my baby. Plus, pictures give me something to … Continue reading

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How To Have An Interfaith Mormon Feminist Marriage

I started writing here ostensibly to talk about marriage, and how it works as a Mormon and a feminist. I didn’t know any other Mormons in interfaith relationships and for years I couldn’t even find any on the Internet. After … Continue reading

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Why I Write About Mormonism

I want to clear something up. You’ve probably noticed I write about my religion a lot. If you’re Mormon, you probably get why I do this. But if you’re not Mormon, well, I don’t know what you think. But I … Continue reading

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Scenes From My Interfaith Marriage

Something that I think people wonder about but never ask about is what an interfaith marriage looks like on the ground.  I think it’s something people wonder about because it’s something I wondered about, before I had one.  So I … Continue reading

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Things I’ve Heard

Things I’ve heard about marriage from well-meaning, but dead-wrong members of the LDS faith*: People who don’t get married in an LDS temple don’t look happy after the ceremony; LGBTQ people just want to get married for the legal benefits; … Continue reading

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Planning A Life

Everybody complains about how hard it is to plan a wedding. I know I did. You know what’s harder? Planning a life. Right now Husband and I are tentatively testing the apartment rental waters. And we’re running into the same … Continue reading

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This Post Needs More Glitter

This weekend was Chicago’s 42nd annual Pride Parade. Husband and I went. Not to make a political statement, but because we live in the heart of Chicago’s gay community and sort of had to. I mean, we had to walk the … Continue reading

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“I’d Like To Die With My Boots On”

Internet, meet my cowboy boots. I bought them a few weeks before I bid Arizona farewell for good, because I had to bring a bit of the West with me in my new life. I’ve traveled by bus, boat, plane, … Continue reading

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Impossibly Hard

It can be impossibly hard not to judge somebody for making a choice you never would. Or, maybe withholding judgment isn’t that hard, but refraining from projecting your feelings about the choice onto them is. I recently found out that … Continue reading

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While I’m Away

Work’s picked up a bit. I work ten-hour days instead of eight-hour days. And this weekend was busy with a friend from college in town and a trip to the vet. And yesterday we celebrated pi day homemade chicken pot … Continue reading

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