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Dust In The Wind

My family moved from Utah to Arizona the summer I was six years old. In the weeks before we left, somebody gave me a cheap plastic pinwheel, the kind that looks like a shiny flower on a stick and spins … Continue reading

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Trading Up

We didn’t always live on Lakewood. Before that we lived on Aldine on the third floor, and before that we lived on Melrose. Before Melrose it was Racine, and before that I can’t remember. But what I remember most is … Continue reading

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Little Mutinies

I’ve mentioned that Husband and I have to move, right? We are not happy about this. We’re being unceremoniously kicked out by our landlord who failed to read the regulations governing her own condo building, which regulations prohibit her from … Continue reading

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House And Home

This is another post about house and home. ¬†Which is funny because I have a deep aversion to nesting, shelter publications¬†(although this response on design*sponge to an article about online shelter publications is a must read for lady bloggers), and … Continue reading

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Hiding Out for the Holidays

Husband and I are not going home for the holidays. We are staying here, in our new home. Nor will anybody be coming to visit. This feels like an act of rebellion. Especially since we are flying to Arizona two … Continue reading

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