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Hanging out with a small baby all day means I have a lot of time to think about the Business of Being a Mom. I’ve started and stopped over a dozen posts, most of them in my head, because I … Continue reading

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Negotiating New Adventures

We knew getting into this baby business that it would put a harsh end to this life we’ve enjoyed for the last eight years. Pregnancy is good for easing into our new life. For months, we planned to spend Labor … Continue reading

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Not All Stories

I wanted to have a baby in April 2011. I didn’t want to talk about it with Robert or be pregnant or watch a child grow into an adult. I just wanted a baby in my arms. This desire burned … Continue reading

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Learning Curve

Yesterday, I wrote, My marriage is fine. Things are fine. When I say things are fine, I mean, my life is fine. My job is fine. I am fine. And that’s all true. Except for when they’re not. There was … Continue reading

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Mormon Parties And My Maternal Instinct

On Monday, I like to hang around my Google Reader pane, the online version of the water cooler, and listen to people’s stories about what happened over the weekend. Just like at the real water cooler, I laugh at the … Continue reading

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What’s Best For My Family

This is the post I meant to write when I wrote about animal people. This post is about people who say “I have to do what’s best for my family.” And how I think they’re selfish. Here’s what I don’t like … Continue reading

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I’ve talked about being intimidated by other women before.  It’s a feeling that I keep tabs on, because I think it reveals insecurities that I need to work on.  Lately, I’ve noticed that women that intimidate me tend to have … Continue reading

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Babies Everywhere!

Last week my brother and sister-in-law had a baby girl. A few weeks before that, Husband’s sister announced that she was pregnant with her second child. This week, on the way to court for a client’s sentencing, a co-worker warned … Continue reading

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Sidewalk Stories

I promise not to post pictures of my cute dog because this isn’t that kind of blog, but I will tell you this story in hopes of eliciting the sympathy of the childless. While walking my cute dog down the … Continue reading

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Growing Up, Or Not

I’ve posted about my younger siblings before. I write about them so that I have some concrete examples when I say everybody from my hometown gets married young, makes babies, and then never leaves. It’s not just my siblings. It’s … Continue reading

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