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On the first day of school I told Sofia I was new, too, from Ohio. I told Sofia I was Mormon. I told Sofia my parents weren’t nudists, even though she used to know another Mormon whose parents were. In … Continue reading

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Mother, There Is No Other

I told Husband toward the end of last year that nothing makes me feel more grown up than washing my sheets and towels regularly.* Today I’ve got something else to add to that list. Part of being a grown up … Continue reading

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Growing Up, Or Not

I’ve posted about my younger siblings before. I write about them so that I have some concrete examples when I say everybody from my hometown gets married young, makes babies, and then never leaves. It’s not just my siblings. It’s … Continue reading

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1,755 Miles

I think one of the hardest things about living far away from family is that you grow in different directions. Every time I go home for a visit, I see the ways in which my family has changed, under the … Continue reading

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