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These Things Happen

I know it seems like all I do is talk about Mormonism, but that wasn’t the point when I started this blog. I know nobody really cares about liberal Mormonism except for other liberal Mormons (and oh do we care) … Continue reading

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Mormons and the Law

There are a bunch of lawyers and law students in my ward in Chicago. Most of them are young married men. Several of us teach Sunday School and other classes. I don’t know if other people find us irritating in … Continue reading

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The First Year Myth

Confession: Our first year of marriage has been hard. Confession the second: So was our first year of dating. I take comfort in this. It helps me realize that we’re people who need to settle into things.┬áTo clarify, it’s not … Continue reading

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Laundry Day

I was lucky enough to have a mom who washed my laundry all the way until I went to college. I don’t know why she did and I certainly wouldn’t have minded if she told me to do it myself, … Continue reading

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Chivalry In Its Many Forms

Up until a few days ago, I could count the number of times Husband gave me flowers on one hand. Easily. He brought me flowers when he picked me up for our date at the Melting Pot on our first … Continue reading

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Stay At Home Partner

Before I started work, I was a little stressed out about the fact that Husband didn’t have a job yet. Not because we needed another income, but because it didn’t seem fair that I was the one who’d have to … Continue reading

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