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Introductions — Part III

Click through to Introductions Part IĀ and Part II. Have you ever attended a Mormon service? They’re somewhat unusual in that there’s no preacher or pastor. We have leaders that conduct the meetings, but the members speak. I’ve mentioned this before … Continue reading

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Things I’ve Heard

Things I’ve heard about marriage from well-meaning, but dead-wrong members of the LDS faith*: People who don’t get married in an LDS temple don’t look happy after the ceremony; LGBTQ people just want to get married for the legal benefits; … Continue reading

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I started this blog admitting that my gender had never been an issue for me. I always identified as a feminist, but only because it’s kind of monstrous not to these days, not because I spent a great deal of … Continue reading

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Introductions ad infinitum

Last night I picked up a friend before our Super Bowl shindig. In the car, he told me about a conversation he’d just had with his brother: Brother: What are your plans for the Super Bowl? Friend: I’m going over … Continue reading

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Other Women

Yesterday I wrote about how nonsensical it is for Mormons to criticize other Mormons in the name of improving the public image of the LDS church. Today I realized that this logic applies elsewhere. You know those women who say … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Have Nothing To Say

I didn’t post yesterday. I post five times a week because before I started this thing I read that if you can post five times a week for the first month, then you can probably do it and because I … Continue reading

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Getting Personal

I don’t know what this blog is yet. I mentioned before that I wanted to start a blog for a long time. And I always imagined it’d be really personal: daily observations, photographs of our adventures, and recipes for Husband’s … Continue reading

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On Feminism

I am a woman. Although much of my post-secondary education focused on identity studies, I never thought much about gender. In college, I studied works by underrepresented minority authors, particularly Chicano/a authors. Some of these authors were women, but their … Continue reading

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