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How To Survive Family Vacation

Husband and I had grand plans to blog on vacation. Or at least to write and take photos and return with stories to tell. A full week later, I have to admit that vacation got in the way. We spent … Continue reading

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Flying Solo — Part II

Earlier this week I wrote about the thing that most scared me about marriage. Today I want to write about one of the things I most looked forward to: no more solo plane rides. We did holidays together when we … Continue reading

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What It Takes (A Father’s Day Post)

One of my favorite things about reading my sister’s blog is getting her take on our shared past. A few months ago she wrote a beautiful post about family and rivers and dreams so big you almost can’t do anything … Continue reading

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In Which I Rant About Politics And Link To A Bunch Of Religious Sites. Sorry.

When I started this blog, I fully intended to spend time ranting about, exploring, and explaining what it’s like to be a liberal mormon. It’s one of those essential parts of who I am that leads to uncomfortable and/or infuriating … Continue reading

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I pulled my makeup bag and toothbrush out of my suitcase this morning, got ready, and thought about putting them right back in. I got in at midnight last night/this morning and I am going on another trip tomorrow. Then … Continue reading

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Indulgent Birthday Reflection Post #3

Don’t you hate it when people post pictures of cupcakes on their blogs? Don’t you hate it when people use birthday’s as an excuse to stray from the normal rules of restraint, modestly, humility, and not being obnoxious? Me, too. That said, … Continue reading

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Mother, There Is No Other

I told Husband toward the end of last year that nothing makes me feel more grown up than washing my sheets and towels regularly.* Today I’ve got something else to add to that list. Part of being a grown up … Continue reading

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Babies Everywhere!

Last week my brother and sister-in-law had a baby girl. A few weeks before that, Husband’s sister announced that she was pregnant with her second child. This week, on the way to court for a client’s sentencing, a co-worker warned … Continue reading

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Bits And Pieces

Big things are happening in the world today. Catastrophe in Japan. Over in Arizona, my brother and sister-in-law gave birth to their first child. Things are happening in my life, too, but they are small things. The weather warmed up … Continue reading

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A Photo and a Question

I typically like to post toy camera photos, but I’m going to mix it up this week because I’m not using those cameras much these days. I haven’t found a place in Chicago to develop medium format film yet. [Do … Continue reading

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