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Yesterday I was talking to my mom about how quickly August flew by and she marveled that September was already upon us and how that means “it’s basically Christmas.” I know why she said this. In our family, August is … Continue reading

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For Mom

I don’t know how to write about what I’m supposed to write when I’m supposed to write about it. I wrote this last year, when nobody was reading this blog. And before that, I wrote this. This year I’m posting … Continue reading

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When my dad graduated from law school a little over a decade ago (a four-year effort during which he worked full-time and raised five kids), he didn’t start practicing right away. Instead he took the family out for a more … Continue reading

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This Post Is About Christmas

Last year I was a bit manic about Christmas. Robert and I were unemployed in the most fortunate of ways for four months at the end of last year. All this free time combined with the weird unnamed but still … Continue reading

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These Things Happen

I know it seems like all I do is talk about Mormonism, but that wasn’t the point when I started this blog. I know nobody really cares about liberal Mormonism except for other liberal Mormons (and oh do we care) … Continue reading

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Mormons at Work

What do you do when you run out of things to say?  Tell stories. Your own. Other people’s. Past and present. What do you do when you forget how to tell a story people want to hear?  Write badly, often … Continue reading

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In Which I Am A Hypocrite

I’ve repeated some version of what I’m about to say on here before. I don’t like it when women justify their choices as they make them. I think we do it because we’re insecure. I know we do it because … Continue reading

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My Chicago Life

I have a complicated relationship with my hometown. It’s hard to even call it that, because I only lived there for three years. I’ve been coming back to it for eight years, though, for summers and holidays and weddings and … Continue reading

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Things Happy Couples Do: Sleep In Cheap Motels

This might be a new series. Because sometimes I look at so many pretty pictures of happy couples doing happy things that I get confused about how to actually be part of a happy couple. Happy is not always pretty. … Continue reading

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What’s Best For My Family

This is the post I meant to write when I wrote about animal people. This post is about people who say “I have to do what’s best for my family.” And how I think they’re selfish. Here’s what I don’t like … Continue reading

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