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I was going to call this post My Selfie, My Self, and pat myself on the back for my cleverness, but then I realized that’s the title of that New York Times article going around, and I don’t want this … Continue reading

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My Mormon Reeducation/A Third Way

In the past year, I’ve used this blog as a place to express my frustration with my religion, to criticize other members for behaving badly, and, more or less, to jump around and yell, “Hey! I’m different!” I’ve been quiet … Continue reading

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Social Media Queen

I’m up late tonight working and trying to figure out Google+.  The air in my third-floor apartment is oppressive.  This morning I watched the rain rage wildly from my skyscraper office, but the heat still hasn’t broken, and the wide open window … Continue reading

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Why Being Scared Of Fat Is Worse Than Being Fat

Confession: I’ve had a draft post about dieting and how I think it’s one of the worst things a person can do to herself saved for months now. It’s my way of dealing with the distress I feel every time … Continue reading

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My Not-So Secret

Last week I met a friend/mentor before work. Actually, she’s somebody I used to work and run with and I haven’t seen her in two years, but I want to make her my friend/mentor. Mostly because she used to work … Continue reading

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“As Long As It’s Talking With You, Talk Of The Weather Will Do”

Today, when I stepped off the bus the air in the loop hit me in a different way: it was cool, but not cold, the wind brisk, but not blowing. It’s downright balmy, I thought. And then I caught a … Continue reading

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Women and Work – Part II

I talk a big talk about being a career woman and the under-appreciation of working moms and the injustice done to all when we glorify stay at home moms, but in truth I am exceedingly, painfully envious of women who … Continue reading

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