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Yesterday I was talking to my mom about how quickly August flew by and she marveled that September was already upon us and how that means “it’s basically Christmas.” I know why she said this. In our family, August is … Continue reading

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Out Of Place

The Paul Bunyan I know lives on the corner of Glenn and Stone in Tucson, Arizona, just a few miles north of campus. He was only short walk from my third home in Tucson, a small square house on Blacklidge … Continue reading

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Breakfast For Dinner — Part III

[This post is the third in a series. See Parts I and II.] We stumbled into our third diner a few months into the partnership, back when building a life together meant signing up for the same classes and standing plans on Friday … Continue reading

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The first time I went to Tucson I was 16 years old. I went with High School Best Friend and her parents. We figured we were going to end up at the U of A for college, and our parents … Continue reading

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Social Media Queen

I’m up late tonight working and trying to figure out Google+.  The air in my third-floor apartment is oppressive.  This morning I watched the rain rage wildly from my skyscraper office, but the heat still hasn’t broken, and the wide open window … Continue reading


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In college and law school the money came all at once, at the beginning of the semester, in checks large enough to say “Good job, you worked hard, and also the U.S. Government thinks that you will pay this back … Continue reading

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Giving In

I dated this guy for a split second in college. Okay, maybe it was a month. No time at all, is the point. But because I was young and impressionable and I cared about what he thought, if only for … Continue reading

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Lost And Found And Lost Again

So, I’ve hit upon a blogging stumbling block. I have a story that I want to tell, that I need to tell, and in fact I’ve already told it many, many times in my head and now, at last, to … Continue reading

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Breakfast For Dinner – Part I

The first diner Husband and I frequented was the Waffle House just off the interstate in Tucson, Arizona. It was greasy and grimy and to this day the only food we’ll eat there are the hash browns (scattered, covered, smothered, … Continue reading

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Apparently I’m Not The Only One Not Doing Something Fabulous On New Year’s Eve

So I do this thing. I bet a lot of people do it. I start to look at life like it’s one big party and I’m not invited. I’ve been away from my sort-of hometown long enough that when I … Continue reading

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