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In Which I Am A Hypocrite

I’ve repeated some version of what I’m about to say on here before. I don’t like it when women justify their choices as they make them. I think we do it because we’re insecure. I know we do it because … Continue reading

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My Chicago Life

I have a complicated relationship with my hometown. It’s hard to even call it that, because I only lived there for three years. I’ve been coming back to it for eight years, though, for summers and holidays and weddings and … Continue reading

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In Which I Get Defensive

I’ve found myself in the uncomfortable position of defending my employer a lot lately. Not because there’s anything wrong with my employer. There’s not. My job is not perfect, but it’s pretty great. I’m just starting to rub up against … Continue reading

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Women and Work – Part II

I talk a big talk about being a career woman and the under-appreciation of working moms and the injustice done to all when we glorify stay at home moms, but in truth I am exceedingly, painfully envious of women who … Continue reading

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