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“I’m From Nowhere”

Last winter was a tough one. Chicago was miserably cold, and I know I’m not the only one who reached a breaking point with week after week of plunging temperatures and dumping snow. It’s August now, but the rose-colored glasses … Continue reading

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Home Away From Home

Shoot, this whole photo a day thing seemed much more feasible yesterday coming off a five-day Thanskgiving weekend. I didn’t even think to pull my camera out until I left work at 5:00. This is how dark it is at … Continue reading

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Dust In The Wind

My family moved from Utah to Arizona the summer I was six years old. In the weeks before we left, somebody gave me a cheap plastic pinwheel, the kind that looks like a shiny flower on a stick and spins … Continue reading

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The best thing about living in Chicago is when people come to visit. They always ask how we like living in the city and it’s always somewhat embarrassing to answer truthfully that, except for work, we rarely go downtown. In … Continue reading

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Milwaukee Versus Chicago

You guys, I really like Instagtram. It’s really fun, and not obnoxious, like other social media outlets. It might be obnoxious to repost Instagram photos as blog content, so I’ll try to keep it to a minimum. (These collage things … Continue reading

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Before I Die

There’s this chalk wall on Granville between the train and the lake where people lay it all out, their hopes and dreams. Their one big thing, the one you think of when you think of death, and follow it up … Continue reading

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Pick Me Up

Robert and I ate pie and hashbrowns at a diner at 2 a.m.on our second date. Later, we ate big bowls of cereal and tater tot plates at 11 p.m. Coffee and egg sandwiches after a late concert at midnight. … Continue reading

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Three Things

During the summer of 2009 I discovered I could only devote my time to three things at once. I spent the entirety of that summer working as an intern at my old law firm, training for the Chicago marathon, and … Continue reading

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Choosing Sides

We moved to Chicago in 2010 and told Robert straightaway, “We have to pick a team. Cubs or White Sox.” For Robert, there was no picking to be done: he was a Cubs fan. Not a die-hard fan, but fan … Continue reading

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Two Views

My old office had floor to¬†ceiling¬†windows on one side of the room. Actually, it was less of a room, and more of a box with modern furniture, but the windows, and the fact that it was on the 39th floor … Continue reading

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