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Do you listen to Josh Ritter? People sometimes ask me what kind of music I like, and I don’t know what to say. Country? Folk? Whatever the genre is, Josh Ritter is in it. Technically, he’s a singer-songwriter, but that … Continue reading

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When my dad graduated from law school a little over a decade ago (a four-year effort during which he worked full-time and raised five kids), he didn’t start practicing right away. Instead he took the family out for a more … Continue reading

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This Post Is About Christmas

Last year I was a bit manic about Christmas. Robert and I were unemployed in the most fortunate of ways for four months at the end of last year. All this free time combined with the weird unnamed but still … Continue reading

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On Waiting

When I started my job there were six Mormons at the firm. Well, five Mormons and one Southern Baptist who really likes us for some reason. [I’m not counting the crotchety partner who only fraternizes with us lowly associates on occasions of … Continue reading

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What Kind Of Blog Is This, Anyway?

I stepped outside with the dog this morning, half-ready for work, and I felt it: the first sigh of autumn, a near imperceptible coolness in the air. If this were a fashion blog, this is where I’d post pictures of … Continue reading

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Growing Up

Yesterday I wrote about becoming a punctual person like it is some kind of big deal. Like those three minutes matter more than the difference between the person I was and the person I am. I gawk at the psychopath … Continue reading

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Three Minutes

I meet with other lawyers on my team about once a week.  We meet in the polished client-ready conference rooms on the top floor of the building, the ones with expansive views of the lake.  Without fail, I always show … Continue reading

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The first time I went to Tucson I was 16 years old. I went with High School Best Friend and her parents. We figured we were going to end up at the U of A for college, and our parents … Continue reading

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Social Media Queen

I’m up late tonight working and trying to figure out Google+.  The air in my third-floor apartment is oppressive.  This morning I watched the rain rage wildly from my skyscraper office, but the heat still hasn’t broken, and the wide open window … Continue reading

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On The Other Hand

Yesterday I wrote about how quickly work is forcing me to change my life. I could list half a dozen more examples, but I’ll stick to two. Before I started law school, networking was a dirty word. Now I sell … Continue reading

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