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I Swear I Don’t Stay Here Because I’m Mormon

Whenever I see a picture of J. Willard Marriott and his son¬†in a Marriott or a Marriott-affilliate, I feel like my worlds are colliding. Are they Mormons? Are they businessmen? Are they BOTH? All I know is those suits are … Continue reading

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Flying Solo — Part II

Earlier this week I wrote about the thing that most scared me about marriage. Today I want to write about one of the things I most looked forward to: no more solo plane rides. We did holidays together when we … Continue reading

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Why Everybody Sees Through Your Lies On Airplanes

My grandmother¬†dresses up when she flies. She wears nice pants and nice shoes and a nice blouse and gets her hair done the day before. Traveling brings out the best in her. Husband does this, too, and usually travels with … Continue reading

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Resisting The Urge To Use Phantom Planet Lyrics As The Title Of This Blog

I spent the last few weeks working in planes and airports, balancing my laptop precariously on the tray hanging from the back of the seat, poised to throw my body on top of it like an overprotective mother when the … Continue reading

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I pulled my makeup bag and toothbrush out of my suitcase this morning, got ready, and thought about putting them right back in. I got in at midnight last night/this morning and I am going on another trip tomorrow. Then … Continue reading

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Old News

I told myself I’d never apologize for going out of commission on the blog. But who cares, right? Either I post and you read or I don’t and you don’t. But I feel bad about it this week, because I’ve … Continue reading

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