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It Was Inevitable That I Was Going To Write About This

This post is all about humiliating confessions, most of which revolve around vampire stories (are you bored yet?). Let’s get the obvious out-of-the-way first: Yes, I’ve read all the Twilight books. No, I didn’t spend more than two days on … Continue reading

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Moving In

Husband and I were reminiscing about college roommates today and I gave him a bit of a hard time about his old habit of leaving passive aggressive notes to roommates who forgot to do the dishes. I mentioned that it … Continue reading

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Mirror, Mirror

I recently read Committed, Elizabeth Gilbert’s most recent book (yes, she also wrote Eat, Pray, Love, which I didn’t read and so will not discuss). I’m not going to go into the book right now either, except to say that … Continue reading

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