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This is not a pregnancy announcement. When I put on a newish funky purple dress this morning, I didn’t think I would need to clarify that. I say newish because Robert gave me the dress for Christmas last year when … Continue reading

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Is This A Birth Story?

I spent most of my pregnancy feeling guilty about how easy it all was. Not at the beginning. The beginning was sort of miserable after the initial elation wore off, thanks to standard morning sickness and a general lack of … Continue reading

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On Food And Not Eating It

This is the post where I talk about body image. This is the post I very nearly deleted after typing most of it up months ago because I think it is (1) way too personal and (2) kind of irrelevant. By … Continue reading

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It’s Still Not As Good As Rocky In Any Era

You’ve seen The Fighter, right? I didn’t until recently, because it sounded too much like The Wrestler, which is the saddest movie ever. I’m a sucker for boxing montages, though, and Husband doesn’t like Woody Allen, so this weekend he … Continue reading

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Go-Go Boots

So apparently every time I go a rock show, I come back with a little more insight about women. A few weeks ago I saw Justin Townes Earle and came away with a renewed appreciation for women in the music … Continue reading

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How Often Do You Think About Food?

I don’t have a ton to say today except that I read two great blog posts about food and the ways in which it impacts our lives. They are very different, but I recommend both of them. I thought twice … Continue reading

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