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[This is the most recent in an ongoing series about my love/hate relationship with public transportation in Chicago.] Public Service Announcement: It is not illegal to take photos in public areas of CTA stations. Last night two CTA security guards … Continue reading

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Always A Day Late

I make New Year’s Resolutions every year. I think about them and I write them down. I never start them on January 1st, though. The first day of the year is reserved for sleeping and schlepping around the house and … Continue reading

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How To Survive Family Vacation

Husband and I had grand plans to blog on vacation. Or at least to write and take photos and return with stories to tell. A full week later, I have to admit that vacation got in the way. We spent … Continue reading

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The Post In Which I Am Jealous

If you’ve read the title, you’ve read the post.┬áThere’s this thing that I hate about myself, this hideous quality. I am, without a doubt, a jealous woman. I think this is something a lot of women (people?) are. I don’t … Continue reading

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My Not-So Secret

Last week I met a friend/mentor before work. Actually, she’s somebody I used to work and run with and I haven’t seen her in two years, but I want to make her my friend/mentor. Mostly because she used to work … Continue reading

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A Roundabout Way Of Saying That I Am Going to Post Less, More Often

Husband has asked for a link to my blog about ten times. He can’t remember what it’s called. And, although he’s way more computer savvy than me, he clearly hasn’t honed his browser history checking skills the way I did … Continue reading

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Old News

I told myself I’d never apologize for going out of commission on the blog. But who cares, right? Either I post and you read or I don’t and you don’t. But I feel bad about it this week, because I’ve … Continue reading

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Mother, There Is No Other

I told Husband toward the end of last year that nothing makes me feel more grown up than washing my sheets and towels regularly.* Today I’ve got something else to add to that list. Part of being a grown up … Continue reading

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“Mostly The Women Are Very Warm”

Confession: I am totally intimidated by blunt women and women who speak their minds automatically, to people they don’t know well. This is something I learned about myself when I mentioned how intimidated I was by a girl in law … Continue reading

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I noticed that there’s been a flurry of seasonal blogging this week. It seems like lots of places around the country are starting to feel like spring, and from what I hear, temperatures in Arizona hit 100 degrees, which sounds … Continue reading

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