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Dust In The Wind

My family moved from Utah to Arizona the summer I was six years old. In the weeks before we left, somebody gave me a cheap plastic pinwheel, the kind that looks like a shiny flower on a stick and spins … Continue reading

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When I was in sixth grade, my social studies teacher told our class that Mormon men could have more than one wife. I was twelve years old and the only Mormon in my class, in my whole grade even, and … Continue reading

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A Number

Today, a good friend, a friend of the heart whom I’ve known for years and whom I see at least once a week at work, but whom I wish I saw more outside of work, because she’s the best, asked … Continue reading

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Why I Write About Mormonism

I want to clear something up. You’ve probably noticed I write about my religion a lot. If you’re Mormon, you probably get why I do this. But if you’re not Mormon, well, I don’t know what you think. But I … Continue reading

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Weeks into our relationship, Robert and I found ourselves in New Orleans for a week in the middle of my two-month internship at Tulane. When he left, I had three weeks left in the program. We’ve bid farewell so many … Continue reading

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Indulgent Birthday Reflection Post #3

Don’t you hate it when people post pictures of cupcakes on their blogs? Don’t you hate it when people use birthday’s as an excuse to stray from the normal rules of restraint, modestly, humility, and not being obnoxious? Me, too. That said, … Continue reading


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Lost And Found And Lost Again

So, I’ve hit upon a blogging stumbling block. I have a story that I want to tell, that I need to tell, and in fact I’ve already told it many, many times in my head and now, at last, to … Continue reading

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Breakfast For Dinner – Part II

[This post is the second in a series. For Part I, go here.] The second diner Husband and I found ourselves at was in New Orleans. I’ve never been able to fully explain how, twenty-years-old and six weeks into our … Continue reading

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Breakfast For Dinner – Part I

The first diner Husband and I frequented was the Waffle House just off the interstate in Tucson, Arizona. It was greasy and grimy and to this day the only food we’ll eat there are the hash browns (scattered, covered, smothered, … Continue reading

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In Which I Promise To Get Personal And Then Don’t

It’s time to talk about Planned Parenthood. The other day, the House of Representatives voted to block Planned Parenthood from receiving any federal money. It’s a mind-boggling political move because current law already prevents Planned Parenthood from using any federal … Continue reading

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