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Do you have that friend who makes you feel like your life is just utterly pedestrian? That insanely cool person who won’t give it a rest? Sunday morning brunches, Thursday evening benefits, Saturday karaoke, trips to Europe, worked for a … Continue reading

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Negotiating New Adventures

We knew getting into this baby business that it would put a harsh end to this life we’ve enjoyed for the last eight years. Pregnancy is good for easing into our new life. For months, we planned to spend Labor … Continue reading

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Things Happy Couples Do: Superbowl Edition

Watch football, even though football is my least favorite sport, and I don’t even like my favorite sport that much. Football is Robert’s favorite sport, and he’s a guy who will watch the championship of just about anything (golf, tennis, … Continue reading

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How To Have An Interfaith Mormon Feminist Marriage

I started writing here ostensibly to talk about marriage, and how it works as a Mormon and a feminist. I didn’t know any other Mormons in interfaith relationships and for years I couldn’t even find any on the Internet. After … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning

Sunday morning peace didn’t come easy to me and Robert. In Robert’s perfect world, Sunday is a day for going out for a nice breakfast, with hot coffee to prepare for a long day of running errands doing the chores … Continue reading

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Scenes From My Interfaith Marriage

Something that I think people wonder about but never ask about is what an interfaith marriage looks like on the ground.  I think it’s something people wonder about because it’s something I wondered about, before I had one.  So I … Continue reading

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These Things Happen

I know it seems like all I do is talk about Mormonism, but that wasn’t the point when I started this blog. I know nobody really cares about liberal Mormonism except for other liberal Mormons (and oh do we care) … Continue reading

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Black And White

Happy Anniversary, Darling. Photo Credit: The lovely and talented Jenn Ireland.  

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Love Letter To Tucson

One year ago today, I woke up early and tore down the I-10 from Phoenix to Tucson with my parents and siblings in tow. One year ago today, my mom and sister dropped me off on the corner of 4th … Continue reading

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The First Year Myth

Confession: Our first year of marriage has been hard. Confession the second: So was our first year of dating. I take comfort in this. It helps me realize that we’re people who need to settle into things. To clarify, it’s not … Continue reading

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