Six Things


I want to do a Photo of the Day thing here for awhile. I can’t write to save my life, but I do take a lot of pictures, and not just of my baby. Plus, pictures give me something to write about. Here are some facts about this photo:

  1. This is what Dylan looks like right now, today, at just over 7 months old.
  2. Those pellets between her feet are these weird little raspberry wheat puffs that are not tasty at all. I feel compelled to tell you that we make most of her baby food, but she doesn’t like any of the purees as much as anything that comes from a box or a bag. She’s not great at eating, by the way. She grabs as many pellets as she can fit in her little fist (like, two) and then rubs her hand around near her mouth until something makes it in. She thinks she can chew, but really the pellets just dissolve on her tongue or fall out of her mouth onto the floor.
  3. She is perched on the very edge of a very high counter, but I am sitting behind her with both hands around her waist (but only one while taking this picture).
  4. The book under that receiving blanket is The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. I found it on the Fiction shelves at the library, but I’m afraid it is actually YA fiction, which would be fine, except that I’m a little embarrassed about the fact that all I read is YA fiction. Whatever, though, I loved it. I also read a book about birth order this weekend, which is also mildly embarrassing because I’m pretty sure it’s been debunked by the psychiatric community, but I thought it was totally fascinating and revealing. For example, I always thought I was an easygoing Type B personality in a profession dominated by Type A perfectionists, but it turns out I am just a discouraged perfectionist, which is a terrible thing to be. I feel like birth order is the key to understanding my whole family. I might talk about this more.
  5. The photograph on the wall behind Dylan is of me and Robert during the toasts at our wedding reception. We are both holding flutes, but his was full of champagne and I was sipping sparkling apple cider. Alcohol is tricky to figure out for a mixed Mormon/non-Mormon wedding. Most people expect to see alcohol at weddings. Champagne, especially, is a harbinger of celebration. Mormons, on the other hand, are surprised to see alcohol anywhere. We decided to do a champagne/cider toast, and I suspect that some of our Mormon guests were uncomfortable when they realized they had a choice between the two, and I suspect that some of our other guests thought we were cheap, but it felt right to us, and was a good lesson in negotiating interfaith and familial differences. Plus we had a stupid amount of soda pop, including Dublin Dr. Pepper and Leninade. I wish you could see Robert in the photograph, because he looks very handsome and very happy and very much like a groom.
  6. Yes, those are corgis on Dylan’s pants, and yes, those corgis are wearing sweaters. There are more cardigan-wearing corgis on her socks and on her onesie.

See you tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Six Things

  1. Anonymous says:

    You might like A Spot of Bother, a Mark Haddon book probably not consigned to the dubiously defined YA section.

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