Day One

The Plan: Wake up at 6:00 to feed Dylan. She doesn’t wake up this early on her own, but I need to feed her now if I am going to have time for two feedings before I leave for work. Spend the two hours before her next feeding exercising, showering, fixing my hair and makeup for the first time in months, walking Arty, and eating breakfast while Dylan sleeps soundly. Nurse her one more time and stroll out the door ay 8:30.

What Really Happened: Woke up at 6:15 after hitting the snooze button twice. Nudged Robert awake to bring Dylan into our room. Fell asleep while feeding her. Woke up again at 7:00. Realized every morning will be a choice between shower and makeup. I chose makeup because my dirty hair looked bangin today. Walked Arty Came back to an awake baby. Read Chunky Farm and Sheep In A Jeep, played a round of This Little Piggy, changed a diaper, and dressed her in a long-sleeved onesie for fall. Ate breakfast. Forced Dylan to eat for five minutes, even though she wasn’t hungry yet. Threw on a suit and ran out the door at 8:30 after giving Robert, Dylan, and Arty three kisses goodbye apiece.

The Plan: Step onto the platform right as the train pulls in. Spend the ride reading a book that my sister recommended ages ago. Stroll into the office at 9:15, make myself a hot cup of tea, and spend an hour clearing out five-months of email from my inbox.

What Really Happened: Stepped onto the platform right as the train pulled away. Spent the ride listening to the new Neko Case album and staring moodily out the window. I’m not sad because I miss my kid, I’m sad because Ms. Case is a master of melancholy. Crept into the office at 9:20 and found out that Big Deal Partner had already been by my office looking for me. Found out our email program wasn’t working on my computer. Spent 20 minutes with IT. Tracked down Big Deal Partner and other bosses until I got enough assignments to get me through the rest of the year. Returned to my office and a cold cup of tea.

The Plan: Work like a well-oiled efficiency machine for the rest of the day so I can meet my billable hour requirement and still leave the office at 5:00.

What Really Happened: Spent an hour catching up with Favorite Work Friend, who isn’t really a work friend, but a life friend, but we also work together, so for the purposes of this post she is Favorite Work Friend. Called Robert a half dozen times to see how he was doing (great) and how much Dylan was eating (plenty, not as much as I thought, which is a relief). Got a headache at 3:00 because I’m not used to sitting in front of a computer all day anymore. Checked Facebook too many times to see what’s going on (nothing). Realized the hardest part of going back to work is going back to work. Billed five hours. I was shooting for seven, but oh well. Still left at 5:00.

The Plan: Snag a seat on the red line and read that dang book on the way home. Arrive home by 6:00.

What Really Happened: Crammed like a sardine onto the red line. Remembered that nobody offers seats when you aren’t pregnant. Remembered that Chicago is stupidly crowded. Dreamt about moving back to AZ and then remembered that rush hour is even worse when you are driving. Listened to Neko Case and stared moodily at my reflection in the window. My hair really did look good. Realized how excited I was to see Dylan when I get off the train. Jog walked the rest of the way home, ran up the stairs, and scooped her into a hug.

The Plan: Enjoy a leisurely evening playing with Dylan and Arty. Sit down for a nice dinner with Robert. Watch Breaking Bad. Maybe play a board game. Go to sleep tired but happy.

What Really Happened: Enjoyed a hectic evening with Dylan and Arty. Tried to change out of work clothes and tell Robert about my day while juggling a baby in ny arms. Ate a delicious homemade dinner while juggling a baby on my lap. Got mad at Robert for watching Breaking Bad without me. Walked the dog while steering a bulky stroller. Fed Dylan. Fed Dylan again, oatmeal this time. Bathe Dylan. Played with Dylan. Read to Dylan. Changed a diaper. Fed Dylan again. Put Dylan to bed. Sanitized bottles and pump parts. Packed tomorrow’s lunch. Unloaded the dishwasher. Collapsed on the couch to watch Ink Masters and eat apple cobbler. Announced that it was time for bed at 11:00 and felt badly when Robert pointed out I forgot to make tea. Went to put my head on his shoulder to say sorry, but crashed heads instead. Said sorry again. Burst into tears even though his head hurt worse than mine. Sobbed. Stopped sobbing and moved on. Went to sleep tired.

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