R: I thought you were going to take a nap.
S: I couldn’t sleep. My thoughts are whirring.
R: Worrying?
S: Whirring. Spinning around.
R: What is your brain whirring about?
S: Not worrying. Just busy.
R: I know. What’s whirring around in there?
S: Just different thoughts.
R: What kind?
S: I have an idea for a blog post.
R: What about?
S: Oh you know. The usual.
R: No, I don’t know. What is it about?
S: You won’t be interested.
R: Just tell me!
S: Well, you know how I haven’t blogged much since Dylan was born and I want to explain why without spending too much time explaining why…
R, interrupting: Just tell me what the post is about! Why is it that, whenever I ask you a question, your answers are either crumbs or a Costco-sized pie. I just want a nice slice!
S: It’s about Mormonism and gender roles.
R, disappointed: Oh. Of course.Haven’t you already talked about that?

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