Milwaukee Versus Chicago


You guys, I really like Instagtram. It’s really fun, and not obnoxious, like other social media outlets. It might be obnoxious to repost Instagram photos as blog content, so I’ll try to keep it to a minimum. (These collage things are even more fun.) Also, can you tell that I’ve fallen hard for Milwaukee? Yesterday I had to keep reminding myself what exactly I love about Chicago. It was hard when it took over an hour to drive to and from the kennel where we board the dog for a slightly exorbitant nightly sum when we’re out of town. It got easier on my long run by the lake, past families over two dozen strong barbequeing on the beach, past old men flying kites like giant birds, past skinny tattooed things sprawled in the grass with pale arms and legs, past a man in a Darth Vader helmet stomping down the trail on stilts, past tiny families with strollers and dogs, past the concrete basketball court, past people speaking Spanish, and Arabic, and Chinese, past slow runners, and teenagers, and grandparents, and cyclists stopped on the side of the road. I don’t love Chicago because all these people live here. I love Chicago because I can live here with all these people. Then again, Milwaukee has a lakeshore to run on, too.

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