Pick Me Up


Robert and I ate pie and hashbrowns at a diner at 2 a.m.on our second date. Later, we ate big bowls of cereal and tater tot plates at 11 p.m. Coffee and egg sandwiches after a late concert at midnight. Waffles and syrup for dinner. When I was studying for the bar I figured out that they don’t kick you out of all night diners, and that carrot cake and bottomless Diet Cokes will fuel you through the night. We usually stick with breakfast for breakfast these days, being somewhat older and less adventurous. Tonight, we ventured back to the chaos that is Clark Street, a few blocks from our old neighborhood, for pancakes and Cokes at Pick Me Up Cafe. We are older than the waitresses and most of the clientele now, and my body can’t sustain eating that many pancakes this late at night anymore, but it feels really good when it’s happening.

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