Trading Up

We didn’t always live on Lakewood. Before that we lived on Aldine on the third floor, and before that we lived on Melrose. Before Melrose it was Racine, and before that I can’t remember. But what I remember most is moving. 

So we moved. I hinted before about apartment hunt and the accompanying fight with our landlord, but I don’t think I ever told you about our new digs. Which isn’t all that surprising, since I never told you about our old digs. [There is nothing more boring to me than interior design blogs. And I like design.] But I will tell you about our new hood.

We moved four miles north to Edgewater, out of our ideal little block in Lakeview East. It feels like growing up. Like trading the express bus for a red line stop with a round the clock cop parked out front. Intelligensia for Metropolis. Gays for Lesbians. Boutiques for tree-lined streets. The apartment we loved for an ungodly amount of rent to an apartment we love more for $400 less. Too much space for maybe too little space, but a back deck with room for a grill and a stone balcony off our bedroom. A vindictive landlord who lived just a few blocks away for landlords in New Jersey who don’t hate us yet. Month-to-month insecurity for an eighteen month lease. Lakeshore First Ward with its babies and hot young mothers for a long drive to the Foster Building and a ward that looks more Chicago. Melrose Diner for M. Henry. High rise condos for low brick walk-ups. Noise for wind in the trees. The lake for sun in our front room most of the hours of the day.

We moved four miles north and I pass three cemeteries on my way to work every morning. We live in spitting distance of four churches, not that I’d ever spit on a church. Edgewater isn’t hip or gritty or up-and-coming or known. It’s sort of just like home.

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