Picking And Choosing

Social media is weird, right? I mean, we’re all here because we want to know about Other People. But you don’t really want to know about me. You want to know some, but not too much. Or, you don’t want to know too much of the wrong thing. That’s why we hate to follow people with no brain-twitter filter. But we also grow weary of sites that portray shiny over-filtered blog people.

I know a girl with this incredible life. I know it was incredible because she showed it to me. I drove to Detroit and she showed me her apartment in a gloriously crumbly former hotel. She walked me through Midtown, pointing out her hairdresser, chatting up shop owners, and buying trinkets from local artists. She took me to the warehouse where she works on bikes and to the old schoolhouse that was converted into an indie movie theater. We climbed up on the roof and she pointed out buildings on the horizon. She knew everything. Everybody knew her.

I laughed when she proclaimed that a fascination with my life. She’d seen the pictures on facebook, she said. She could tell Bob and I were real adventurers. But I didn’t post photos of the law library, or the floor where Bob and I ate dinner every night, back when we didn’t believe in furniture, or my weekly meditative drive to the chapel in Ypsilanti. Those adventures were harder to photograph and explain, and anyway, I play my life close to the chest. Even now. Believe it or not.

These days, there’s a good chance the bones of my day look like yours. I don’t spend enough time outside during the week. I spend an hour on the bus and ten in the office. On the weekends I chat up shop owners and support local artists. We work on our bikes in our living room and watch movies in the cushy theater in Evanston because they have the best pinball games in their arcade. I spend time in the library, and sitting on the floor, even though we fully believe in furniture now, and fight traffic every week to get to a schoolhouse in Lincoln Park that serves in lieu of a chapel. I know hardly anyone and hardly anyone knows me. It’s an incredible life. Believe it or not.

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