What Kind Of Blog Is This, Anyway?

I stepped outside with the dog this morning, half-ready for work, and I felt it: the first sigh of autumn, a near imperceptible coolness in the air.

If this were a fashion blog, this is where I’d post pictures of knee high brown boots, a sage waffle print shirt, and a bulky sweater from Anthropologie, and links to all three items. Or maybe not, because if this were really a fashion blog, I’d probably have clothes I acquired more recently than three years ago. I’d definitely talk about dark lipstick, though.

If this were a relationship blog, I’d tell you about how I planned to take Bob camping for his October birthday last year, and how he came down with the flu at the last minute, and how we drove into the woods anyway, and built a fire in the rain for our tinfoil burgers, before giving up and packing it all back into the car before sundown.

If this were a photography blog, I’d post photos of sunset-colored leaves in Southeastern Michigan.

If this were a food blog, I’d tell you how to make pork tenderloin, and sweet potato, and savory apple chutney, and then I’d tell you to eat it on the porch when it starts to get crisp outside.

If this were a pop-culture blog, I’d tell you about how I loathe horror movies, because they’re, well, horrifying, but how Bob drags me to at least one in the theater every October, and how sneaks at least three more into our Netflix queue before Halloween, and that this is how I know I detest torture and gore, am game for most zombie flicks, and adore Guillermo del Torro.

If this were a blog about lawyering, I’d update you on my six-month review, and get all incredulous about the fact that the attorney evaluating me had the gall to say that September and October are the perfect months to catch up on a ~300 billable hour deficit and that I’m lucky to (a) have work, (b) have work I like, and (c) be working for people I like. I don’t disagree with those last three points. I do disagree with the implication that working over 600 hours in two months is feasible, let alone easy.

If this were a travel blog, I’d tell you about this time least year, and watching the seasons pass in Barcelona.

This blog is not these things, though, so instead I’ll tell you about how I used to get lonely in the fall. Especially the first two years of college, because from Labor Day to Thanksgiving, it’s a family time of year, and mine was two hours north. Also because it’s a football time of year, with tailgating and homecoming games, and  more friends than you know what to do with, and the few I had didn’t really do that. Also because it’s a romantic time of year, with apple orchards and hiking and warm cider in a shared paper cup, and I was missing out. Also because autumn in Arizona means the weather cools off enough to be just bearable, but it still feels like there’s something missing, when the palms refuse to drop their leaves and the sun rages on.

I stepped outside with the dog this morning and welcomed the chill. It’s a melancholy time of year, but there’s newness to be had in the closing of the year: my littlest brother was born in September and my sister in October. The sky looks a little different now and the sidewalks on my street will soon be caked with yellow leaves and mud. And Bob makes a mean cup of hot apple cider.

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3 Responses to What Kind Of Blog Is This, Anyway?

  1. Melanie Carbine says:

    Clearly more math needs to be required for liberal arts majors. Even just estimating, and you worked 6 days a week, you’d have to work 12.5 hours every day to make up 600 hours. And working everyday (except Halloween) is still 10 hour days. But, no one can work everyday for that long without seeing a decrease in work effeciency.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Uhoh! I’m writing a blog post just like this one!! (About what kind of blog mine is) I wish I had already published it so you don’t think I copied you. I promise I didn’t!

    OK, I guess my post isn’t “just” like this one, but its similar…. you’ll see.

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