The Wedding Suit

One of the partners I work for is getting married in a few months. He is subtly subverting the wedding paradigm by having a groomslady (also a partner I work for). She has her groomslady dress, but he doesn’t know what he is wearing yet. He asked me what Husband wore at our wedding. This is the first time I’ve been asked that question! Even though a million people before and after the wedding asked me to describe my dress (long, white). I told him that Husband wore a sand-colored suit from J. Crew. His quizzical look made me feel the need to follow up (don’t you hate that?): our wedding was casual. Heh. Only in wedding fantasyland is a suit considered casual.*

*I suppose there are also other events at which a suit might be inappropriately casual. The term black tie probably means more than just that. These are not, however, events that play a significant role in our lives.**

**Is it nonsense to put an asterisk at end of the last sentence in a post? Does it change the way you read the asterisked items?

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2 Responses to The Wedding Suit

  1. ruth says:

    its a little disgusting how everything is turning into wedding fantasyland and its now “normal” to have those crazy billion dollar weddings. Drew wore the same suit he wore for two years on his mission (it even had holes and everything!) and I thought it was perfect. Also… I loved the sand color. and its not nonsense to put an asterisk at the end of the last sentence in a post. I always read asterisks in order. So I liked it the way you put it. Also, bravo on going over half the month with consecutive posts!! I am loving them all.

  2. Ru says:

    That picture is gorgeous! I love the simple wedding. Nothing against people who go all out, but I much prefer keeping things small.

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