Confessions Of A Geek

Chicago Public Schools started back up today. Sort of. Technically it was just the year-round track that started today. I was never a year-rounder, I just wanted to be able to call this post timely. This is the first time late summer/early autumn hasn’t been back to school season for me. Thanks, law school, for making me feel young. Thanks also for being just long enough to make it crystal clear to this once brown-nosing, homework-doing girl that academia ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. For one thing, you can’t say ain’t. For another, I like doing things, not just talking about them. Believe it or not. So, thank you law school for giving me a brief season to be content with the present. It’s a breath of sweet air to a person who spends most days drowning in nostalgia. [Really, though. I look back on even the most awful days of my life with fondness. What is that?] Plus, what’s to miss about back to school season when you can buy new clothes whenever you want and stock up on notebooks and pens from the office supply room?

For the record, not one word of this post means I wouldn’t bend my career in half for half a chance to be a professor one day.

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2 Responses to Confessions Of A Geek

  1. Melanie Carbine says:

    Oh no! What kind of school did you go to where learning was only about talking and not about doing? Curse the Socratic method and its toll on education today 😛

    • Sandy says:

      ha, i think it had less to do with the kind of school i went to than with the fact that before i settled on law school i studied english, and i would have gone to grad school for it if i hadn’t gone to law school. and a life as an academic in literature looks a lot like a life spent thinking, talking, and writing about things. not that writing isn’t doing, but it’s not doing *enough.* for me, of course. everything i write here should be qualified that way. i can tell from the way that you talk about teaching and learning, though, that you could find a way to make studying literature about doing.

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