[This is the most recent in an ongoing series about my love/hate relationship with public transportation in Chicago.]

Public Service Announcement: It is not illegal to take photos in public areas of CTA stations. Last night two CTA security guards caught me loitering outside the Belmont stop snapping photos and told me I had to stop. They told me they could put me in handcuffs. They told me I had to delete the images from my camera. They told me it was because of terrorism, and homeland security, and 9-11. I listened to them because I only throw fits about things like this when I’m positive I’m in the right, and I wasn’t sure about the law in this case. Or when it really matters. Ask me about the time I was detained at the airport because I didn’t want to submit to the full-body groping after I’d already gone through the scary-invasive x-ray machine. Actually, don’t ask me about it; it’s still a sore subject. I try not to get up in arms about things that don’t matter, though, so I just pushed a few buttons pretending to delete the pictures I’d taken and then put my camera away. I thought I would blog about my small scale brush with the law and post some illegal photos, but in the name of research and accuracy on the blog, I looked up the CTA’s policy first. And taking pictures is totally legal. Behold the non-offending photo:

And here are a few other pictures of our hood:

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t really do photos, for fear that I’ll succumb to the lazy beast that sucks writers of their will to put words on the screen and post pictures of their crap instead. My sister wrote an excellent post about battling this beast. I will do my best to fight the good fight, but I promised myself I’d post something every day, and it occurred to me this morning that Saturday and Sunday are, in fact, days. So it might be a little less wordy ’round these parts. Never fear, though, as long as I continue to dress like a scrub (which I surely will as long as this heat persists), you won’t see a great deal of posing.

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