Is This Metaphor Too Transparent?

mirror shot

We took this photo at the height of the Myspace craze. I had an account and a handful of friends and posted it there as a studied, ironic interpretation of the classic bathroom mirror shot. We were thinner then, and a little more stylish (what, denim skirts and headbands with gold sequins were in circa 2005, I’m sure of it). I like this picture because we still do that — not pose in mirrors, but circle around the same scene, looking for the better shot. We compete for angles and framing. We know the other person’s aesthetics so well that when I’m the only one with a camera, I’ll be sure to take a few shots that I think Husband would take. And he’ll notice, instantly, and say, “Hey, that’s my angle.” And I’ll snap back, “You can’t lay claim on an angle,” even though I know he’s right; it is his angle, and that’s why I used it. We’re frank when we get home and dump the pictures onto the computer — “oh, yours is better” — but we always keep both sets of pictures. You never know when you might need another perspective.





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